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The Silversmith

A silversmith is a craftsperson who works in the medium of silver.  Since silversmiths often bring silver together with other metals, they need to have skills and techniques that go beyond silver.

The term "Silversmith" has been attributed to the primary product that these artisans made in years gone by -- silverware for the table.  Over time, the silversmith applied their craft in new areas, especially jewelry-making.

Silversmiths are much more common than goldsmiths because silver is a much more popular material for jewelry and other items than gold.  The reason for this is simple: price.  At the time of this writing, gold is about 60 times more expensive per gram than silver.  Of course, many silversmiths work in both silver and gold. 

Silversmiths use a variety of techniques.  Among these are the following:

  • Casting.  With this approach, the silversmith creates a mold into which molten silver is poured and then set. It is a particularly effective strategy when one wishes to make silver with delicate patterns.  An ancient process that is still used today is called lost wax casting.

  • Fabrication.  This process involves cutting silver and other metals into desired shapes and then bringing them together to create the final piece.  Joining of parts can be done with riveting, welding, soldering, and other techniques.

  • Forging.  This term refers to the forming of a material, such as silver, by heating it and then and hammering it into the desired shape.



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