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Silver Storage and Display

Whether you are storing your silver for later use or displaying it as a part of your home décor strategy, your tarnish-prevention tasks are identical. Minimize tarnish by doing the following:

  • Keep your items in a dry, low-humid storage container or display case. Water speeds up the oxidation process. How do you do this? You can place silica gel packages in your jewelry box, or silica gel canisters in your display case.

  • If you are wearing jewelry, try to keep your skin dry. If you are sweating, remove the jewelry from your body, or at the very least, dry our skin and the jewelry occasionally. You may not have heard of silica gel, but you certainly know what it is. Ever seen those tiny packages that are inserted in food items to keep them dry? That’s silica gel.

  • Clean your silver often, keeping it clean of dust and grease (grease can enter the air through cooking). Likewise, wipe your jewelry off after every use with a clean, soft cloth.

  • Keep sulfur away. When storing silver, you can wrap your pieces in sulfur-absorbing cloth, which are commercially available, and then seal them in a plastic bag. 3M has come out with Anti-Tarnish Strips that will absorb atmospheric gases that can cause tarnish. If used in an airtight storage container, these strips are effective for up to two years. Never use newspaper or kitchen plastic wrap in your silver storage plan. And don’t forget to throw in a silica gel packet for good measure.



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