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Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Below are some suggestions for managing nickel-caused sensitivities to silver.  Of course, such allergies are medical conditions and should be diagnosed and treated by your physician.  A strategy for preventing future episodes should also be developed with your physician.

  • Switch to stainless steel jewelry.  Such jewelry is often sold as "hypoallergenic."

  • Buy high quality silver jewelry, such as fine jewelry, which is 99.9% silver, to minimize the possibility of contact with nickel. 

  • For those old pieces you just can't throw out, consider having them replated with a high quality, nickel free out coat.  This will provide some protection from leaching nickel, at least until the plating wears down.

  • Pierced ears are a major cause of contact dermatitis.  Buy earrings that have stainless steel ear posts.  Another approach is to use steel or plastic backs on your earrings, which serve as a barrier between your skin and nickel-containing parts.

  • Don't wear your jewelry when you are not out and about.  When at home, take it off to reduce exposure time.

  • Some people report success with pretreating their skin with a cortisone skin cream.  Cortisone can increase the skin's resistance to metal.  Of course, talk with your doctor first about this strategy.  For mild sensitivities, a moisturizing cream may provide ample barrier protection.

  • Another barrier approach that has a few fans is the application of clear nail polish to those parts of the jewelry piece that comes in contact with the skin.

  • Damp skin and humid days can exacerbate nickel allergies.  Stay dry and go without jewelry on hot, humid days.



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